Assure Platinum Blood Glucose Test Strips 50/bx

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ASSURE PLATINUM BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITORING SYSTEM. Assure Platinum Test Strips, No Coding, CLIA Waived. The first auto-code meter designed for long term care. Feature loaded and made for multi-resident use, it helps facilities in compliance with state regulations and eases infection control concerns. Precise and accurate strip chemistry is augmented by auto-coding, which can reduce chances for user error. Key features and benefits include: auto-coding, high precision and accuracy,ProGuard control solution reminder, Hypo warning alerts staff to take action for low test results, strip release button — no need to touch used strips, ProGrip material allows secure hold on meter, easy-to-find AAA batteries, top of meter strip insertion, small 0.5ul sample size, 500-memory with time and date stamp, 7 second test time, LCD with backlight, users cannot delete memory, plasma reference results and glucose oxidase (GO) chemistry. Packaging:50/Box.


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Assure Platinum Blood Glucose Test Strips 50/bx

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