Diabetic Sock 2XL Black, 1/Pair

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Anti-Microbial Fabric, Non-Constricting Seams, Machine Wash, For Men or Women

Medicool European Comfort Diabetic Sock was designed in Switzerland and is safe for those with diabetes. It’s the first sock in the world that is guaranteed to be made without any elastic or elastomers and doesn’t slip. Designed with a special patented knit that uses no elastic, the sock will not bind, sag or slip.

  • Comfortably fits medium to wide shoe widths.
  • Manufactured with a unique knit top that stays up without binding or leaving marks.
  • The special flat toe seam sewing offers a seam-free feel that enhances overall foot comfort.
  • Anti-microbial fabric treatment helps protect against fungal growth and bacteria.
  • 71% natural cotton, 28% polyamide, 1% spandex.

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Diabetic Sock 2XL Black, 1/Pair

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