Oxygen Tubing 14ftx3/16″ 1/Ea

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Salter Labs Oxygen Supply Tubing 14 ft x 3/16″ ID Green, Three Channel Safety, Vinyl material with sufficient clarity to view patency, A Unique “Ribbed Body” End Fitting Allows Easy Connections

Superior safety due to crush-resistant internal wall design…a Salter innovation Special design features three inside channels that help prevent accidental occlusion. A unique “ribbed body” end fitting allows easy connections. Available in lengths from 4 ft to 100 ft. Thread grip, male or female ends are also available. Special or custom lengths available with minimum one case order. A selection of smooth bore tubing is also available. Special design has three inside channels that help prevent the tubing from becoming occluded. Ideal for home patients where long lengths can cause a potential kinking problem. Available in lengths from 4 ft to 100 ft. Special or custom lengths available…a Salter service oriented benefit.

  • Crush resistant, three-channel safety design.
  • Green or clear “no memory” tubing.
  • Innovative connector design has ribbed end piece with rounded, tapered edgesAttaches easily to fittings.
  • Reduces entanglement with furniture. No square edges to hang up on door jambs.
  • Oxygen supply tubing cannot be crushed, providing security of uninterrupted oxygen flow.

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Oxygen Tubing 14ftx3/16" 1/Ea

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